What Is Broken Rice and Its Type?


What Is Broken Rice and Its Type?

Rice is a significant part of people's diet and a staple in any kitchen, especially in India. The most important reason is that rice is very filling in nature and provides energy to the body. With so many types, it lends itself to a limitless number of recipes. Moreover, broken rice, which is available at non-basmati rice suppliers in India, has its own taste, texture, and unique properties that work well with different cooking applications.

Apart from this, rice is also healthy and full of minerals that fulfill the body’s full diet requirements. And broken rice has a unique taste, aroma (basmati broken), and properties and is used for making different types of dishes. However, to try those dishes, first you need to order your pack of broken rice from the non-basmati rice suppliers in India.

What is Broken Rice?

Broken rice, also known as ground rice, is the fragments of rice grain obtained by milling. This type of rice is separated after the polishing phase and has the same chemical composition as white rice. There is nothing wrong or "broken" with this rice. Even as a food, its most important components are carbohydrates, which make it energetic. It is served with many South East Asian and Asian dishes.

Moreover, its use is common in animal fodder. Broken rice is often used in the manufacture of feed for young animals and pets because it looks appealing, easy to use and is high in calories. It is also used for all types of livestock and is particularly suitable due to its rich caloric value and low fiber content. In the case of dogs, the rice is heat-treated, as this has a beneficial effect on bowel health and the consistency of the feces and it helps in reducing the severity of pathogenic enteric processes. 

Additionally, it is also used in the brewing industry, where it is mixed with barley. It is also used in the production of arak (aniseed alcoholic drink, distilled, colorless drink), and works as a raw material for rice flour, used in baby food, breakfast cereals, rice wine, rice liqueur, sake, and prepackaged and canned foods. It’s also suitable for coeliac as it doesn’t contain any gluten.

 Types of Broken Rice

  • Brown Broken Rice

Apart from the standard eating, this type of broken rice is also used in the food industry for products that seek to provide extra fiber, vitamins and minerals. As fibrous products or food items are more satiating and are digested more slowly, they’re often included in formulations of food products for human consumption such as rice drinks, cereals and snacks primarily intended for weight-loss diets.

  • Puffed Broken Rice

This type of broken rice is obtained by means of a vaporization process that expands the structure of the cereal and gives it a crunchy and nutty texture.

Now that you know so much about broken rice, it is time to taste it, and order it for the next cooking session!