100% Broken RIce

Plow Exports and Imports Private Ltd (Plowexim) introduces itself as one of the leading broken rice exporters in India of the finest quality broken rice. As one of the best 100 broken rice suppliers and exporters in India, we sell  100% broken rice. We procure rice from rice mills with advanced cutting edge processing methods & techniques. Broken rice is exported to various countries across the world like Vietnam, China, Thailand, Phillipines, Brazil, African continent. Broken rice is cost effective. Broken rice is sorted from different varieties of rice namely swarna rice, IR64, 1121 sella basmati rice, BPT, Kurnool Sona and Sona Masoori.

100% broken rice exported from India is used for human consumption, preparation of beer, cattle feed. The broken rice is classified into sortex and non sortex, the sortex rice is premium grade with no foreign matter and dust, the sortex broken rice is used for human consumption and also in the preparation of noodles and other food products, whereas non sortex broken rice is used for preperation of beer and cattle feed.

The varieties in broken rice is raw rice and parboiled rice, broken rice is sorted from different varieties of long grain raw or parboiled rice and short grain white or parboiled rice. The moisture percentage will be less than 14% and the general packing for export is 50 or 25kg PP bags, we can stuff 26 MT or 26000 kgs in a 20ft dry container.

The specifications of 100% Broken rice sortex are 

Broken grains (above 1.25mm)   80% max

Broken grains (below 1.25mm)   10% max

Chalky grains                                6% max

Damaged and Discolured              1% max

Yellow grains                              0.3 % max