IR64 / Long Grain Rice ( white or parboiled)

Plow Exports and Imports Private Ltd (Plowexim) is one of the leading parboiled rice supplier and exporter of long grain rice or IR64 also called Indian Long Grain Rice, This variety of rice has a very huge demand in the international market as the rice is less sticky when cooked. IR64 is widely exported to African continent, South and North America. At present many rice producing nations are importing rice from India, particularly long grain white and parboiled rice due to huge demand. 

IR64 or Indian long grain rice are classified into raw or white rice and parboiled rice,

IR64 or long grain rice are considered as non basmati rice. 

Long grain white rice or parboiled rice are extensively exported across the world from India. the grain length on an average is 6.2mm with the moisture percentage maintained less than 14%, the packing for export is 50kg or 25kg pp bags, 26MT or 26000 kgs of rice can be stuffed in a 20ft dry container. We are among the leading IR 64 parboiled rice exporters in India.

The general specifications for IR64 / Indian Long Grain raw / white rice are

Brokens    5%, 25%, 50%, 100%

Length                                  6mm min

Moisture                             14% max

Damaged and Discloured    2% max

Chalky Grains                     5% max

Silky Sortex

The general Specifications for IR64 / Indian long grain parboiled rice are

Brokens    5%, 25%, 50%, 100%

Length                                  6mm min

Moisture                              14% max

Damaged and Discloured   2% max