Broken Rice and its Adaptations


Broken Rice and its Adaptations

Ever heard of the term ‘broken rice’? Those who have may also be aware of the reason why it is called so. Rice grains are broken into smaller pieces during the drying and milling process, leading to the above term. India produces surplus rice for itself and also exports it to several parts of the world. Therefore, it is perfectly logical to expert several broken rice suppliers in India. Differences among them are often in the type of processing methods and techniques.

Uses of Broken Rice

Broken rice from India is being exported to countries such as China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and also some in the African continent. Common reasons for broken rice suppliers in India to supply to these countries include:

Excellent Cost Effectiveness
Large-scale Consumption
Cattle Feed
Preparation of Rice Beer

Certain people believe that broken rice is less nutritious than regular rice; this is definitely a myth. This particular rice is able to absorb flavours very easily and is very easy to cook. It also uses lesser fuel to cook and is suitable for congees and rice porridges.

Served with Non Vegetarian Fare

Tourists will find broken rice being served with smoky barbecued pork chops, with lubrication from a wet fried egg. This rice is soft but still crunchy, and that is one of the best points about this dish. However, this rice was not always a popular fast food option in Asia. Once upon a time, a stigma was attached to it. Poor rice farmers from the Mekong delta began to get these broken grains since they couldn’t sell these, and they eventually developed a taste for the same. Due to urbanization in the 20th century brought it to Saigon, making it a staple food for the working class.

Other than Vietnam, broken rice also has a colourful past in Senegal. This rice has more of a political story here and it complements ceebu jen, the country’s national dish, better than unbroken rice.

Dishes Made from Broken Rice
Apart from the above, some of the popular dishes made using broken rice are as follows:

Sweet and Savoury Porridge - The fragments present in broken rice porridge are much smaller than a regular porridge. This dish is good enough to be an entire meal for most.

Italian Rice Balls - Known as Arancini, this is a Sicilian dish that is commonly served as street food. The rice balls are cone-shaped or round, and are stuffed with ham, mozzarella, peas, meat sauce, and other cheeses in any combination.

Com Tam - It is the name given to Vietnamese broken rice. It can be served with various meat ingredients as described above.

Broken rice is available in two main varieties- parboiled rice and raw rice. There are specific rules in place for the moisture percentage. Reputed suppliers have to pack the rice into bags and send these across to different parts of the world in a safe manner.
Payments can be Made Online
These days it has become possible to pay for broken rice online, especially while ordering in bulk quantities.